Furries ban Milo Yiannopoulos from FurFest convention

Milo Yiannopoulos, far-right incendiary and professional complainer, has been banned from a furry convention. Yiannopoulos announced that he took on a “fursona” — alternate egos that furries adopt in the form of anthropomorphized animals — and bought tickets to the Midwest FurFest, a convention to “celebrate the furry fandom” just outside of Chicago in December. He posted it on the messaging app Telegram. According to Right Wing Watch , it’s one of the few social platforms that hasn’t kicked him off yet. He also suggested hosting a panel titled “The Politics of Fur,” according to the Telegram posts, and instructed his followers to contact him to set up “dinners, drinks, photos or anything else” if they were also in attendance. But after an online outcry from both within and outside of the furry community, the Midwest FurFest tweeted that it was “investigating all concerns. We have received a number of mentions and support tickets today – we assure all attendees that your safety is of the utmost importance and is not being ignored. We are investigating all concerns being relayed to us. The convention organizers later told Right Wing Watch that they had rescinded Yiannopoulos’ registration. In a statement, they said “hate is not welcome at Midwest FurFest.

New map tells you exactly how many furries live on your block

In June , Slazo was falsely accused of being a rapist by his ex-girlfriend, which resulted in many YouTubers such as Squizzy and ImAllexx to show their support on Chey. After the Slazo situation, Turkey Tom made a video about the Slazo situation, where it was revealed in direct messages by an anonymous source that Hyojin was abusive to her dog that was allegedly living with her at the time. Claiming that Hyojin picked up the dog and proceeded to drop the dog on the source’s back and laughing about it.

It wasn’t until Aidan Walker AKindAleWar , who lived with the dog and its owner, came out with a Discord post explaining the situation further; Aidan said that Hyojin did not live with the dog, and that she didn’t drop the dog on the floor, but instead reflexively pushed it off a couch when it jumped on her, which is what the source claimed was abuse.

He said that this has happened multiple times with different people, due to the dog’s poor training.

The largest fur seal, Australian fur seals are found in isolated rocky outcrops and islands along the NSW coast. They come ashore to form breeding colonies and.

Australian Moths Online is now available on the Atlas of Living Australia, providing reliably identified images of selected Australian moths. Enlarge image Mallee moths are part of the family Oecophoridae and are closely connected to eucalypt forests and woodlands. Mallee moths are part of the family Oecophoridae and are closely connected to eucalypt forests and woodlands. Australia has around 22 species of moths. Around half of these have been scientifically named. Australian Moths Online does not include images of all described species and deliberately excludes species that have not been described.

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Australian Moths Online

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Anthrocon is Pittsburgh’s Premier Furry Convention

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Furry Down Under also commonly referred to as FurDU is a furry convention that is held annually on the Gold Coast , in Queensland , Australia and is currently the largest, most attended furry convention in the country. The convention was originally intended to be held in Melbourne , but it was later decided during the planning stages and in conjunction with the original organizers relocating to Queensland that hosting FurDU on the Gold Coast, a major Australian holiday destination, would prove far more beneficial.

Furry Down Under is a convention built around the core principal of making attending an Australian furry convention as affordable as possible. FurDU runs for three days, with programming starting Friday and ending Sunday night or early into Monday morning. The convention changes its programming each year, these changes are reflected by the addition of new key events and the removal of events that have grown stale in the opinion of the organisers.

Since , the Thursday prior to start of the convention has become a very popular day for ‘pre-con’ meet ups by attendees. In the Thursday prior to commencement was nicknamed ‘Day Zero’ by convention organisers even though there was no official programming scheduled for that day. There are several events and other facilities for fursuiters.

These events change each year with the program, with the exception of the Fursuit Games, Fursuit Walk and Fursuit Photography which have been traditionally held since founding. The Headless lounge, an area that only fursuiters can enter where they can freely un-suit and relax, has progressively increased in size each year as the number of fusuiters in attendance has also grown. Between and the headless lounge was a simple cordoned off area with a gazebo set up for privacy, this area usually shared one of the smaller convention spaces such as a game room or chill out area.

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For more information on FurDU and Covid, click here. It’s alive! Furdu is resurrected in , collating humanoid animals from all over. Fursuit or not, we have tonnes of exciting things to do all around the Gold Coast! Every year, Furry Down Under is host to a handful of furries who have made a change in our community. This year, we welcome two furs, Magicdawolfy, and Adler the Eagle.

A decent sized server filled with great people from Australia, New Zealand, and some international. Why don’t you come join us? Aus & NZ furries has been.

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Harbour City Fur Con

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