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Remington 581 Bolt Action Rifle, .22 S,L,LR, 24” barrel, blue finish, pistol grip wood stock, S/N

Those rifles manufactured after will have a date code consisting of 2 letters stamped on the left side of the barrel near the receiver. Look up the code in the table at: [Broken link]. For rifles made between and , ask a question about the serial number of your rifle on the Remington Society Forum to get a date of manufacture. Remington serial number records are not generally available to determine a date of manufacture. Model 6. Number on bottom of barrel matches stock.

Remington bolt action Rimfires & Sub-Calibers. Join Date: Jul I found a lovely Model sitting on a used gun rack and took it.

Put another way, the Government Model MA1 was not, repeat NOT, designed to have its barrel supported in battery by contact between the slide stop cross pin and the barrel’s lower lugs. P” on left lug. Thread starter 1. Browning Replacement Rear Sight Screws Quality seems decent, only complaint is the link doesn’t clear the barrel lug when in the frame, not far off, but when you pay for link and bushing, it’s unexpected.

However, on my Ruger the “lower lug” of the conversion barrel was not seating deeply enough to allow the slide stop pin to be fully inserted. Correct grips. There is another “P” stamped on the bottom, in front of the barrel lug. The lower barrel lugs are a little larger than standard and allow more consistent contact with the slide stop.

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If a gun is returned to the factory as a fire damaged, or blown up firearm, the factory will stamp it as a prefix to their date code with a 4 on the barrel and return it un-repaired. Then if the gun is ever subsequently returned to a warranty center or the factory by ANYONE, they will refuse to work on it as an unsafe firearm. The factory says all barrels are date code stamped, well I have found some that are not, or if they are, are so erratic stamping that trying to decipher them is impossible.

Jack S. Remington, Jerome O. Klein,. Pages provides the most up to date and complete guidance on infectious diseases of the fetus and newborn.

Forum Rules. Remember Me? What’s New? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: Remington 22lr Rifle. Add Thread to del. Remington 22lr Rifle Sale pending. Selling a beautiful, tack driver 22lr. This is a Remington which was the more affordable version of the famous – it has the same action but with a simple oak stock. With quality ammo I can print quarter size groups at 35 yards, I don’t doubt that someone who is a better shot than I am can coax even smaller groups out of it at longer distances.

The trigger is fantastic on this rifle, it’s very crisp and there is zero take up and zero overtravel and pulls around 4lbs. The stock was refinished by the previous owner and it looks very good. Only issues are some scratches along the barrel and on the action see update below.

Remington 581 .22 short long rifle

We also provide some brief information regarding older models such as date of manufacture and copies of owners manuals under the support section of our website, HERE. For a more detailed description and history of various models, the best source currently available on Remington firearms will be Roy Marcot’s book, Remington: “America’s Oldest Gunmaker”. Please provide us with the above information along with a brief description of the gun and we will furnish to you the information that we have available.

You can send this information to the following:. Remington Arms Co. Remington offers a variety of compact firearms specifically designed for youth, women, and smaller stature shooters.

FIREARMS INFORMATION. Remington never (*) used serial numbers to identify the date of manufacture of it’s firearms, they however stamped.

Remember Me? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: Free floating a Remington s. Join Date Sep Posts Free floating a Remington s Hi Gang: Should I free float the barrel on my s to improve its accuracy? Right now, the barrel is very tight against the stock! Has anybody done this and gotten better accuracy? Thanks, Zeke. Join Date Aug Posts Make sure you reseal barrel channel afterwards.

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Made in if I’m deciphering the date code right. Condition is excellent. Originally Posted by shooter Have one just like it, threaded for a suppressor with a Leupold 4x RF scope on top. Surprisingly accurate for a “won’t break the bank” rifle. I think you’ll like it!

High Standard barrel for Remington Rand Ithica US & S. Watch. ” – 0. With the barrel in the Thread starter lithium; Start date Apr 23, ; Apr 23, The barrel is in new “” Calibers up to and including. Bingo. Add to.

Despite a recall for more than 7. Our injury attorneys can help. Remington, on the other hand, continues to maintain that the Walker trigger assembly is safe. Previously-confidential court documents tell a different story. In , the company agreed to settle a massive class action lawsuit, in which Remington gun owners argued that the allegedly-defective trigger had made their fire arms worthless.

Over the last 70 years, Remington executives repeatedly fought over whether the rifle should be recalled entirely. These measures, however, which safety advocates say could have saved dozens of lives, were never implemented. Instead, the company chose to settle personal injury lawsuits quietly, paying out millions of dollars to gun owners and families in confidential settlements. Dozens of Remington lawsuits have already been filed over severe injuries, along with wrongful death claims involving the loss of a loved one.

The Walker trigger assembly, first introduced to the American market in , features a unique design. In practice, some experts say that using a separate trigger connector makes the Walker fire control unreasonably dangerous. This can throw off the alignment between the trigger and sear, meaning that, under certain circumstances, the rifle could fire without the trigger ever being pulled. This situation can be very dangerous from a safety and functional point of view. Soon, even Remington dealers were submitting their own fixes to the company.

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For Remington guns made only. We have no data for Remingtons made at other times. A two or three letter code on the left side of the barrel identifies.

Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Jan I am trying to find a Remington or to replace my that I foolishly sold a few years ago. I can’t find a but I did find the tube fed version. Does anyone know if the accuracy is the same as the I could see how it would be hard to bed the tube in the action. Joined: Aug I’d keep watching. Love the Joined: Dec I have had multiple , , and T and S’s over the years I have a Remington and also have a CZ

MTA – Remington 581 Conversion – Part 1